Sad end to a brilliant idea
Dear Sir,
When Stephen Kaufer founded Tripadvisor in 2000 it was a brilliant idea, it enabled guests to relate their experiences originally from restaurants but then to hotels and every other event or happening, the reality was restaurants, hotels and everyone all lifted their game and the winners are the guests and paying customers . However Mr Kaufer sold his soul to Expedia, the worlds biggest booking engine, realising this to be a huge mistake they now say it is an independent company albeit with the same share holders as Expedia, and greed has now taken over.

Tripadvisor is now another booking engine. Hotels and restaurants are asked to pay not for bookings but for their business listings. You want to be on the first page just pay them and you will be there, what appears first when you enter their page is put your dates and they will get you the best price, hotels that pay them then appear on the “just for you” not by customer review ratings as before.

The only way to get a star rating is to work with Expedia, I chose not to work with every Tom , Dick and Harry booking engine so if anyone looks for rooms on my site on Tripadvisor it states no rooms available which tells the guest I am full when I am not.

You do not have to have eaten or stayed in a hotel or restaurant to write a review on Tripadvisor so the whole site is now meaningless.

Whereas serious and professional booking engines like now have reviews and to write a review you have to have booked your stay with them, so you know the review is real good or bad.

Once the big corporations take over then it just becomes about profit and greed Which is sad and as I have said Tripadvisor was a great idea.

Adrian Bertorelli
Can Furios Hotel

Grenfell Tower
Dear Sir,
Re Revd. David Walker’s article about the Grenfell Tower inferno, interesting though it was, it brought us no nearer to solving the deep mystery surrounding this terrible tragedy.

As I understand it from the police, the politicians and the fire brigade as told us on TV, the fire began in the deep freeze section of a resident’s fridge. I have never heard of deep freeze section of a fridge catching fire, and neither have any of my friends. And even if true and it did catch fire, providing the door of the refrigerator was closed, the fire, once having consumed all the oxygen inside the fridge, would have put itself out. So presumably the fire had to have been caused – or even been brought about – by an explosion inside the fridge powerful enough to blow the door off. This has never been explained.

Secondly, the police, the fire brigade and the politicians are as one in saying that the fire brigade was on the scene within ten minutes of the fire being seen blazing away in the kitchen of the resident’s flat. Yet in that ten short minutes before the fire brigade arrived, the entire building had been engulfed in flame? An entire building going up in ten minutes? This is possible if the building was struck by some sort of bomb – or if the entire floor had been doused with petrol. Or, maybe if there had been a wild gale blowing the flames hither and thither. But to engulf twenty floors in just ten minutes is asking one to accept the almost impossible.

Then there is the question of responsibility and legal damages owed to the residents. We now know that high-rise apartment blocks have been built in total defiance of the law. Where does the buck stop for this? Does it stop with those councils who licence the erection of these high rise apartment blocks? Or are the architects and constructional engineers liable? Further, in view of the news on TV that the minister responsible turned a blind eye to all the reports that Grenfell Tower was a fire hazard when it was first being built, is he/she personally responsible or is it the government at the time?

At present the only people suffering from this monstrous piece of almost unbelievable inefficiency are the poor residents themselves. They have lost their homes, their belongings, the old and sick are being forced to live in third world circumstances: pets have to be given away, children are suffering etc.
So who is liable before the law? And how many millions of pounds should the residents of Grenfell Tower and other and the other displaced residents sue for?

This is an unsolved mystery. I hope that some of our better investigative newspaper reporters will fully expose those responsible for this tragic and disgraceful state of affairs.

David Lee


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Ron / Hace over 4 years

Henry, I think your criticism of the MDB staff is a bit unfair. I don't believe there is a sinister motive for not publishing the comments. Could I suggest it may only be that the monitor Andrew Ede is on holiday?


S. / Hace over 4 years

Further to the removal of the COMMENT facility on articles within the MDB. I recall that recently Legal Action was taken against the Paper, for a comment made on Line. After this info., comments were being monitored, before being cleared for posting to articles on line. Is it that now the COMMENT facility is not available, because the MDB Legal Dept.,have advised the Paper to stop this comment facility ?.If so, would the Paper and its Editor advise readers and Commentators of this new policy. .


Bob hurst / Hace over 4 years

Jason Moore's viewpoint article yesterday commented on the quietness of Palma as regards to apparent fewer tourists. I believe that maybe the continued negative reporting on 'over tourism', anti tourist graffiti and even now another Bulletin survey about tourist numbers is all contributing to tourists believing they are not truly welcome in Palma.


S. / Hace over 4 years

The loss of on line readers being unable to post a comment on the daily articles. Raises many questions. Some comments were published, and filled a small part of their column inches. BUT, and it is a BIG BUT, I suspect further financial problems may be causing these unexplained changes. Perhaps a new advert replaces readers column inches?. Also, the sale and revenue of the MDB could becoming a cause for concern. I would suggest stopping the FREE deliveries to the Tourist Information Offices ,throughout the Island.


MelB / Hace over 4 years

Please Mr. editor, write something about the politicians of Mallorca, or does your Spanish ownership prohibit this?


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

The withdrawal of the ability to add comments will certainly see the end of the on-line version of the UK Daily Bulletin and shows total contempt for it's readers when it was done without warning or explanation,so let us show our contempt for Messrs Moore,Carter and Co,who clearly can't take criticism and could not get a job on The Beano in the UK by ditching the UK Daily Bulletin.


V. / Hace over 4 years

The MDB appears to be following in the steps of other publications in no longer allowing comments and preferring readers to use social media (i.e. Facebook) to comment. But you could at least post a statement to confirm this and, perhaps, explain why. Also, whether this is provisional or permanent. If the latter, I suspect you will lose some online readers, myself included. I don't comment often myself but like to read other people's points of view. In fact that is the real reason I look at the MDB in the first place.

And I see the green buttons no longer work. Presumably the red neither?


MelB / Hace over 4 years

Why are we not able to comment on all other sections of the U.K. Bulletin (sorry Mallorca daily bulletin). Again our editor sees fit to comment on the British royal family, while I am sure if he really looked carefully he could find just a tiny bit of LOCAL news which would be relevant to our lives here!!!!


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Sorry,the word after world should be since (about time they had an editing facility on here)


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Perhaps Mr Lee ought to offer his services as a fire safety,expert,buildings expert and architect around the world seems he seems to know what is possible and what is not possible in respect of this fire,me,I will wait and see what the REAL EXPERTS have to say,which might take some time.