Dear Sir,
My wife and I travel several times a year to the lovely island of Mallorca as my wife’s family have owned an apartment in Illetas for more than 30 years. We arrived on the 1st January on an easyJet flight from Stansted at approx 3.15pm and were taken by bus to a side section of the airport, an area where they take passengers who need assistance in wheelchairs. We know this as we have come this way with my aged mother-in-law. We were the second UK flight to use this entrance and my wife and I were at the front of the queue for our flight.

We took over an hour to get through passport control as there was only one person on duty who had to scan every passport which is obviously quite time consuming. There were a large number of Spanish/Majorcan people returning home after the Christmas holidays so it was not only Brits who were inconvenienced; for people who were being met at the airport it created enormous frustration.

This is extremely bad publicity for the Spanish tourist board and disgraceful that there was only one person on duty. Unfortunately the majority of people do not complain, me included, but I thought that I should make you aware of the problem, especially after the chaotic scenes last summer which we just avoided. Arriving tourists/businesspeople should not be treated so poorly especially as tourism is the mainstay of the economy. It was a BAD experience and very frustrating for all concerned!!

Adrian and Judy Cowan

Dear Sir,
I have received an email from Ryanair offering flights from London to Palma in their sale for only £4.95.

It would cost me 6.60Euros to purchase the Majorca Daily Bulletin for one week. It's now cheaper to fly to Majorca than buy the Bulletin for one week. I will continue to buy the Bulletin.

I believe this low price identifies how low confidence is in Ryanair.

Ian Rice
Santa Ponsa