Tourists arrving at Palma airport last August

Tourists arrving at Palma airport last August.


Dear Sir,

Let’s keep this simple. It beggars belief, but of no surprise. Whilst those of us here in Mallorca, that are business owners and stake holders in tourism. Not to forget all of those associated with the industry and dependent on our island’s prime source of income. Everyone has gone far and beyond to try ensure a return to some form of normality and safety for our visitors.

So, the islands have been returned to the ‘amber list’. Why should we not have expected this? We have all had the protocols rammed in to our heads for so long. Yet, this invasion of pointless so called ‘student study trips’, has proved a game changer. Even the tourism minister said they add nothing to the islands. So why the **** was it allowed to happen?
The weak Government of the Baleares is now culpable. Armengol must go. Will she? I doubt it.

After 35 years in tourism and it’s development, I have never witnessed such ineptitude. For others to decide?

My apologies, my Spanish is not sufficient to convey this to those who need to be held to account.

Yours faithfully,
Andrew Hogan


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Sara O. / Hace 6 months

I agree that the Balearic government shouldn’t have allowed that student event in the Plaza de Toros in Palma but they didn’t/don’t have the powers to stop them entering the islands from mainland Spain. How about placing a greater part of the blame on the students and their behaviour, or even more on their parents for organising these trips? Yes, it was the parents who coordinated directly with the travel agencies. Not even the schools were prepared to organise these trips this year (or last) as they used to do in the past. The courts are not making it any easier to impose restrictions either.


Penny Kay / Hace 6 months

And how do you suppose Armengol should know who are comming over to Mallorca and what for? Is she supposed to check the passenger lists every day?

More likely the fault lies with AENA and Fomento, for only doing random checks on the passengers. A family of 7 I know came over from Extremadura 3 weeks ago, and not one of them were checked.