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Being as physically and emotionally healthy as you possibly can has never been more important than it is right now. Luckily for us there are many professionals available and giving their classes for free online, all you need is an internet connection to join in. And we don’t have to look further than the island either, as we have plenty of excellent trainers right here. You can find many resources and all of the people featured here on the Facebook group Over the next couple of days our “At Home Together” pages are dedicated to these people who have given their time for free to help us all feel better and take care of our health. Thank you to you all for your service.

Carys Andersson, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach

Vicki McLeod: How did you get into what you are doing?
CA: “I worked as a professional dancer for 10 years, over that time not only did I develop a natural interest in the gym, exercise and the body but I also dealt with a lot of personal body image issues and had to learn to love my body for what it could do not what it looked like. Now I combine my qualifications as a personal trainer and weight management coach with my experience of developing a healthy body image and balance to help women feel fit, confident and excited about their new lifestyle. My motivation has always been how amazing women can feel when they introduce these changes into their life. Seeing how confident and excited they are is a huge motivation for me. Recently becoming a Mum has become my new motivation as I want to build a successful business for my daughter.”
VMc: What have you learnt about yourself and/or other people during this period?
CA: “The biggest thing I have learnt about myself is that I need to stay busy for my mental health. If I have too much time on my hands I can easily start to feel down. That’s why I have funnelled a lot of energy into my Facebook group to provide people with daily exercise and support. This lockdown came at a time when people were starting to forget how to be kind to each other, they didn’t really know their neighbours and were polluting the world. Seeing now how people are supporting each other, being incredibly uplifting and kind to one another and how the planet is thriving without the daily pollution that people bring is incredible.”
VMc: Has the lockdown changed the way you do business?
CA: For me I haven’t had to change how I run my business at all, I have been an online coach and trainer for 3 years offering personal coaching, challenges, fitness programmes and online events. At this time I am so grateful that I already have my business built and I can continue serving my clients in the same way.

Rob Croll, Head Coach and owner at RMA Mallorca, & PE Teacher BIC Schools

VMc: Why did you get into what you are doing?
RC: “I have coached football from the age of 16. Since moving to Majorca it has always been a part time thing until I decided to make my passion my career once again. I realised I had to get back into doing what I love, left my job and never looked back. Majorca lacks provision for football for those that do not play for a club. Hundreds of children miss out on organised games and structured training sessions. I knew I could provide that.”
VMc: What is your motivation for doing what you are doing?
RC: “What a question. I wake up happy. No bitterness towards life in anyway. I’m massively proud of the way the youngsters have reacted to the sessions both at RMA and at school and I have proved that with the right attitude and application you can genuinely make a positive impact on their lives. It sounds so cheesy but it is an incredible feeling.”
VMc: Have you seen any benefits to the period of quarantine personally, apart from the obvious “not getting ill”?
RC: “I have loved the time that’s been spent together in the family. It’s also provided me with valuable study time and time to take a step back and see what has been achieved and how we can move forward at RMA.”
VMc: Has the lockdown changed the way you do business?
RC: “It has shut us down. We offer practical football sessions and there is no substitute for that. Excuse the pun. We have been running live aerobics sessions on our social media but that’s just to keep people active through quarantine. is the best place to find me during lockdown.” when we’re let loose!

Suzanne Garaty, Naturopathic nutritional therapist and Natural chef, Vital Nutrition

VMc: Why did you get into what you are doing? SG: “My journey started as a chef – I took my first course in Nutritional cookery in 1996 and thereafter my passion and appreciation for optimum nutrition grew. During 10 years cooking for discerning clientele I focused on nutritionally balanced menus. I qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist in 2008 and founded Vital Nutrition. I then continued my studies at College of Naturopathic Medicine. I consult privately, for Dr Stoma and the Mallorca Cancer Support Group.”
VMc: How have you seen the lockdown affecting people’s habits?
SG: “During the entire lockdown I have kept busy cooking for quite a few people and have not really been practising nutrition, just posting tips and recipes. As this period has unfolded I see that home cooking has finally become a priority and new pleasure to many, after all the years I have been told so frequently “ I don’t have time to cook”. It is wonderful to see how the small pleasures of food, family and community have become the “new normal”.”
VMc: What are your tips for us right now?
SG: “I haven’t felt recommending diet plans and making lifestyle changes is appropriate at the moment, anxiety is raging and keeping everyone calm and happy is paramount. Keeping it simple like - avoid grazing, stick to 3 meals a day can be challenging enough. So nutritious, simple recipes are key. Varying your daily meals, plenty for fresh fruit and veg to support gut, immune and mental health.”