The Balearic Islands are a gift for outdoor activity lovers. With a mild climate and pleasant year-round temperatures, beautiful mountain scenery and calm Mediterranean waters, the islands are an ideal destination to enjoy by land, sea and air.


You can walk, cycle or ride horseback along its paths, descend ravines, discover a fascinating underwater world or fly over memorable landscapes.

Five reasons to engage in active tourism on Mallorca:

- Great weather all year round.
- Extremely diverse landscapes.
- Wide range of activities all year round.
- Unique coastline and seabeds for water sports.
- Huge variety of accommodation and additional service

serra de tramuntana embalse de cuber senderismo excursion

Main Activities


- Theme parks, set in natural environments, where you can enjoy an adrenaline rush.
- Hiking to soak up the landscape and nature.
- Horse rides to discover the coast or our islands’ interiors.
- Climbing in idyllic settings with all types catered for.
- 4x4 trips, a different way to travel around the islands for the whole family.
- MTB, mountain bike adventure tour.
- Electric scooter, a fun and different way to enjoy city environments.

- Hot-air balloon, enjoy a new perspective of the islands’ landscapes.


- Scuba-diving in warm, crystal-clear water.
- Water sports in a spectacular setting.
- Fishing tourism with local fishermen, an original way to get to know the islands’ coasts.


Mallorca’s mild Mediterranean climate, varied orography and beautiful landscape make the island an ideal destination for hiking. From short-distance routes for those who want to enjoy the landscape at a more leisurely pace to trails that require experience and a certain degree of physical preparation.


Protected natural areas

Mallorca has a large number of protected natural areas grouped under different protection figures. Visiting these spaces through the marked rotues will allow you to discover and enjoy the island’s varied nature. From important wetlands, such as s'Albufera de Mallorca, s'Albufereta and Salobrar de Campos, to mountain spots in the Serra de Tramuntana and on the Llevant peninsula. Cabrera and Dragonera are two natural treasures that can only be reached by sea. Various companies offer excursions to visit these islands. In addition to parks and reserves, there are publicly owned farms and over 20% of the island territory is part of the European ecological network Natura 2000.

* Before visiting a protected area, it is essential that you find out about its characteristics, the regulations and the equipment it offers.


Ruta de la Pedra en Sec

The Dry Stone Route is a long-distance route (over 100 open and signposted kilometres) that runs, for the most part, along the Serra de Tramuntana. The route allows you to enjoy the mountains’ scenic beauty: holm oak groves, pine groves and areas of Mediterranean scrub, as well as a rich heritage legacy whose unifying element is the constructive use of dry stone without any type of mortar. Stone paths, terraces, water systems, old possessió houses (estates), lime and coal kilns as well as other ethnological elements are examples of human interaction with the landscape.

MALLORCA. SENDERISMO. RUTAS DE AQUI. De Cala Nau a N¿Esquives. El Castell de la Punta de n¿Amer.

The coast

The island’s coast is varied: extensive sandy areas, hidden coves and rocky cliffs. These routes reveal numerous elements of cultural heritage, such as the old defence towers built in the 16th and 17th centuries and the Necropolis of Son Real (7th century BC), a unique construction in the western Mediterranean. In addition to enjoying the landscape, you can end the route with a swim in a beautiful cove or beach with crystal clear waters. Of course, if you are taking this route in summer, be mindful of the high temperatures and set out first thing in the morning, well-stocked with water and sun protection, and avoid walking during the hours of greatest sun exposure. Walking to the lighthouses is another option to consider. Many of these are located in places of spectacular beauty such as the Formentor peninsula, the Cap Blanc cliffs or the unspoilt coast of Cap de ses Salines, among many others.

RUTAS DE AQUI. Por las viejas ¿possessions¿ de Manacor. Albocàsser, Son Ameret y Justaní.


Inland, the island is rich in heritage: cases de possessió (rustic estates), mills, barracks, cisterns, wells, hermitages and sanctuaries, etc. From a landscape point of view, extensive rainfed crops predominate, although there are also some irrigated areas. Cereal fields, vineyards, almond, olive and carob trees are the most typical crops. In this agrarian landscape, dense oak groves, pine groves and extensive areas of Mediterranean scrub intermix.

In inland municipalities, you can find lesser known hiking trails that are generally simpler
and more suitable for the whole family, but no less attractive. One route visits hermitages and sanctuaries. These began to be built in the 13th century, as centres of repopulation for the island after the Christian conquest, and they are usually located on elevations near towns. The panoramic views from these vantage points are impressive. Most have a restaurant service and picnic area.

Guided excursions

The best way to get to know a region is when accompanied by a guide. In Mallorca, there are many companies that are ready to show you the most beautiful and authentic places for hiking.

PALMA. FAUNA. `Àguila coabarrada¿: de la extinción a la consolidación.

Flora and fauna

The flora is rich in endemisms such as Hypericum balearicum, a relatively frequently found shrub in the Serra de Tramuntana, the foxglove (Digitalis minor) and Ophrys balearica, the only orchid endemic to the Balearic Islands, to name a few examples.

Birds are undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions for hikers interested in observing
wildlife. In fact, Mallorca is one of the most revered destinations in the Mediterranean for ornithologists. During the spring and autumn, thousands of migratory birds stop on the island.


Shelters and other accommodation

In the Serra de Tramuntana you can find the Dry Stone Route network of shelters, managed by the island government, ideal for allowing you to complete the route in stages. In addition, there is another network of shelters in the autonomous government’s public estates and natural areas.

Other accommodation options are farmhouses or rural or inland hotels, located in the most unknown parts of Mallorca, in its picturesque villages and surroundings. In addition, some sanctuaries and hermitages also offer accommodation, being unique enclaves with environments impregnated with peace and spirituality.

cicloturismo bicicletas ciclistas

Mallorca, a cyclist's paradise

With 2,071 km of local roads and paths, Mallorca has become a prime destination for cyclists. Its varied orography, pleasant Mediterranean climate and cyclist-friendly infrastructure make this island a paradise for cyclists.

In addition, Mallorca is an island with a long tradition of cycling. This can be seen in the island’s high number of cycling fans, its large number of velodromes that were built at the beginning of the 20th century and the many elite athletes that have come from Mallorca, such as internationally reknowned cyclists Joan Llaneras and Guillem Timoner.

Cycling can be done all year round, with October to May being the most best time of the year to do so. In December, it is common to see the world’s biggest professional teams on the island’s roads as they train and prepare for the cycling season. The first appointment in the calendar is the Mallorca Challenge, a great event for elite cyclists that usually takes place at the end of January.

Amateur teams and fans choose Mallorca not only for its beauty and ideal cycling conditions, but also for its tourist attractions. More than 120 hotels specialise in cycling and include bicycle rental and repair services, adapted menus, massage services, etc. making Mallorca a unique place for cycling.

Cycling tourism

Cycling routes and Pahts plan

To improve the cycling experience, the CYCLING ROUTE PLAN has been created, which divides routes and paths into non-recommended roads, suitable roads and preferred roads according to the degree of safety and traffic.

A series of routes with differing degrees of difficulty in terms of distance and unevenness of the track have been developed. They are grouped into 4 different areas constituting a homogeneous network that covers the entire island. The 16 proposed routes have a total length of 1,732 km and connect the main population centres and points of interest in Mallorca such as its towns, lighthouses, hermitages and the great mountain system that is the Serra de Tramuntana. These routes are signposted and can be combined according to the needs of each cyclist.

1. Routes from the Bays of Alcudia and Pollensa

Alcudia to Pollensa cycling route

2. Routes from the coast of Calvia

Calvia cycling route

3. Routes from the Bays of Cala Millor and Cala Ratjada

Cala Millor and Cala Ratjada cycling route

4. Routes from Platja de Palma

A top sailing destination

Mallorca and nautical sports are two words that go hand in hand. On the island you can experience the sea at your own pace. You can both watch and take part in the activities.


The Mediterranean Sea surrounding Mallorca offers easy and safe sailing throughout the year due to the excellent weather conditions, especially from May to October. In winter good weather is predominant except during the changes of season when the wind blows from the west clocking north and cause considerably heavy storms.

The air and water temperatures remain warm throughout the year and range from an average minimum of 11 degrees in January to an average maximum of 27-28 degrees in August.

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Legendary cliffs and islets

As well as enjoying good weather throughout the year, Mallorca offers sailors spectacular vertical cliffs of a striking beauty, desert islets and rugged, isolated coves. They can only be reached by boat, from where you can closely admire their impressive beauty. Both to admire the north coast of Mallorca and the Tramuntana mountains, with the impressive cliffs of cap Fabiler or to reach and walk around sa Dragonera island are unique experiences. As unique as the imposing views from the sea of Morrillo de Bordils (pictured above), with the peak of Puig Roig in the background, or the views of Morro de la Vaca, an impressive rock that stands out for its beauty and spectacular shape, in the area of sa Calobra and the mouth of Torrent de Pareis. They are both located in the north of the island, between Andratx and Pollensa.


A paradise for golfers

The proximity of the 22 golf courses on the island offers the possibility of a diverse game. You can have a change of scenery in just a few minutes. The climate, with an average yearly temperature of 19 degrees, allows golfers to play all year round.

The island offers modern golf facilities. They have been designed with the utmost respect for the environment observing specific regulations that are applied to all golf courses as part of their quality guarantee.

MALLORCA - CORONAVIRUS - EPIDEMIAS - El golf, uno de los primeros en retomar la actividad.

Mallorca is the perfect destination for amateurs and professionals from Germany and the United Kingdom. It is just a few hours flight from both countries. You can play your favourite game in Mallorca all year round, especially when the snow makes it impossible to play in your country.

Some courses in Mallorca, which is the largest island of the Balearics, have been in existence for several decades. They are very popular among our regular visitors. Other courses have opened recently and have been designed using the most advanced techniques. All courses are perfect for both expert golfers and beginners playing their first rounds. In fact, a large number of courses on the island have their own golf schools (Real Golf Bendinat, Club de Golf Son Servera, Club de Golf Son Vida, Golf Maioris, Alcanada Golf, Golf Santa Ponsa and Golf Park Puntiró).

There are new additions to the island’s golf circuit. Four 18-hole courses have opened in the last two years. Golf Maioris, designed by R.S. Group, and Golf Park Puntiró, created by the company Nicklaus Design, were completed in 2006. The former stands out for its excellent restaurant and meeting halls and the members of the latter can play in any of the 120 courses that the company Nicklaus Design owns around the world. It has its own academy.


2007 saw the opening of Golf Son Gual, designed by Thomas Himmel, and Son Quint Golf, which is part of the top class hotel partnership formed by Arabella Sheraton Golf Hotel Son Vida, el Castillo Hotel Son Vida and Mardavall Hotel & Spa.

As well as their surprising design, the new golf courses incorporate the best techniques for water and energy saving. They are especially environmentally friendly and even preserve native flora which becomes an added value. But the facilities with many years of experience have also incorporated a set of measures to guarantee benefits for their own environment. At the same time they reinforce their professionalism to meet all the expectations and demands of their customers.


Son Vida Golf, the oldest golf course in Mallorca, opened in 1964 and promoters say that it provides a highly strategic game. Golf Son Servera also opened in the 1960s. It has beautiful native flora and a combination of mountain and sea views.

Pine, olive and almond trees are common in the landscape of courses such as Golf de Poniente and Vall D'Or Golf. Beaches and marinas add to the charm of the three-way offer of Golf Santa Ponsa and Real Golf de Bendinat. Other courses stand out for their competitiveness. This is the case of the two courses of Golf Son Antem, which are located near the Mallorca Marriott Son Antem Golf Resort & Spa. Those staying in the hotel can combine golf and wellness or meetings.


Pula Golf is internationally renowned. The 18-hole course opened in 1995. It was redesigned by José Mª Olazábal in 2007. Pula Golf is located in an exceptional setting, surrounded by the different natural landscapes of the municipality of Son Servera and the Cala Millor Bay.

Golf can be an important part of your holidays in Mallorca. It is the perfect complement to a conference programme, a relaxing stay at a wellness centre or combined with country and city holidays. Due to the short distances, you can split your day between playing a few rounds and enjoying the wide cultural and shopping offer of Palma; or visiting the city centre with its fairs and exhibitions of all styles, from classic to avant-garde, to suit all visitors.

An accommodation offer specialising in golf contributes to the enjoyment of our visitors. It includes more than 40 hotels, mostly 4 and 5-star, located all over the island. You can also choose from the wide range of accommodation available in Mallorca, including rural hotels or even old estates.


Adventure sports

Mallorca offers numerous settings for practising adventure sports and outdoor activities: climbing, canyoning, hiking, windsurfing, paddle surfing, sea kayaking ... Thera are also many companies that provide a broad range of multi-adventure services.


Tennis for all

During the month of June the Mallorca Championships ATP 250 is held in Santa Ponsa where the best professional tennis players will complete their final preparations for their participation in Wimbledon.

MANACOR. TENIS. La Rafa Nadal Academy vive su estreno oficial con el ¿manacorí¿

Rafa Nadal Sports Centre Sport Facility

The Rafa Nadal Academy is the one of the world’s leading centres for tennis, and for British people who go to Spain for sport it is one of the top destinations. There are many reasons why.

Firstly, the Academy has cutting-edge facilities, in keeping with current times, and a technical team which is led by Toni Nadal. Secondly, there is the location - Mallorca, an island with an idyllic setting, a Mediterranean climate and ideal terrain for sport. In addition, Majorca’s fascinating cultural heritage, superb gastronomy and outstanding recreational amenities have established the island as one of the world’s foremost sports and holiday destinations.

Thanks to personalised tennis programmes, it is adults who most benefit from a perfect sporting holiday. The experience at the Rafa Nadal Sports Centre, the sports facility for adults, with 67 spacious rooms, a 3,000 square metre fitness centre, spa, semi-Olympic-sized pool and restaurant, guarantees an unforgettable stay.

The facility also offers Padel and Squash courts, Fitness Centre and semi-olympic indoor pool.

santa ponça torneo de futbol

Football for amateurs and professionals

During the month of May the Mallorca Amateur Tournament takes place in Santa Ponsa. Its the largest Football Tournament in Mallorca for Amateurs and Government. Who can take part? Amateur teams, futsal teams, company teams, team with friends.. any type of team is welcome! Whether you are a local team, recreational, work, associated or just good friends!


Under the municipality of Mallorca’s capital Palma and located next to the urban motorway in Soller, teams at all levels associated to RCD Mallorca carry out their day-to-day preparations for fixtures on the pitches of Son Bibiloni. Since moving from the first team’s former stadium Lluís Sitjar in 2007/08, the main pitch at Ciudad Deportiva Antonio Asensio is also the official home of the academy side and boasts a stand constructed in 2006 capable of holding a maximum capacity of 1200 fans.

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