FBI International will be filming on Mallorca this month. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The American series FBI:International will be filming in Mallorca this month shooting part of its third season.

It is an American CBS production in collaboration with Universal Television that, after a successful first season, was renewed this year for two more batches, the second of which will premiere in September. LukeKleintank, Heida Reed, Carter Redwood and Christiane Paul lead the cast.

FBI:International which is described as a police drama that places its action beyond American borders, with its base of operations in Budapest, Hungary, from where the series’ police team solves cases and defends the interests of American citizens abroad.

This has taken them to European cities such as Madrid, Paris or Prague and now they are heading for Mallorca, although details about whether the island will be mentioned in the same plot of the fiction are not yet known.

It is known that filming will begin in mid-August and will last between two and four weeks. The local production company Palma Pictures will be in charge of filming in Mallorca, just as it did for other American films such as Hustle which Adam Sandler and Netflix shot in and around Palma last year on the Island.