Max Winter (Julian Looman) and Miranda Blake (Elen Rhys) star in The Mallorca Files. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The BBC series The Mallorca Files, shot entirely on location in Mallorca goes from strength to strength.

This summer it is enjoying a top prime time slot in Spain and has enjoyed record viewing figures.
Antena 3, Spain’s answer to ITV, is showing the two series free-to-air and has been promoting the series as “the series of the summer”.

And now, the two series are about to be shown on KPBS TV in California, the first series will be broadcast tomorrow night.

The Mallorca Files has already been broadcast in Spain but on pay-per-view, now it is free-to-air and is proving a massive hit, just as it has been in over 80 countries over the past few years.

On the strength of Antena 3’s massive interest and the continual interest around the world, a third series must surely be in the pipeline.

The light-hearted crime series has recently been repeated on Drama in the UK after having been watched by tens of millions of viewers around the world over the past two years since series one was released.

It now appears that a third series could be in the making. “The team is actively developing a season 3 of The Mallorca Files that will continue the story of Miranda and Max, including those events the crew weren’t able to shoot this time around,” according to a statement from the show.

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Series two was cut short by the pandemic and only six of the ten episodes were completed. So there are the four missing episodes still to film, and the producers are hoping for the green light to return to Mallorca to film a new third series.

The sixth and final episode of The Mallorca Files – set on a Mallorcan horse ranch in the mountains – ended like any other episode, with the case solved and our detective duo sharing a moment to celebrate. So, surely Max Winter (Julian Looman) and Miranda Blake (Elen Rhys) will be back for more?

We would expect to see the return of Elen Rhys as British detective Miranda Blake alongside Julian Looman as German detective Max Winter. Their relationship is at the heart of the show, and they lead The Mallorca Files cast.

Returning characters would likely also include Palma police chief Inés Villegas (María Fernández Ache) and Max’s girlfriend Carmen (Tábata Cerezo).

Then there are season two’s newcomers to the forensics lab, Roberto and Luisa, played by Alex Hafner and Nansi Nsue respectively.

A third season would also include plenty more guest stars, from Spain and beyond.

The series has a great deal of support from the local authorities in Mallorca and the Council of Mallorca even produced a Mallorca Files map of the island featuring where the crimes were carried out and with explanations as to how to get to the wonderful locations that showed off the very best of the island.