Sadie Frost showing her love for Soller. | Instagram


Award-winning British actress Sadie Frost is loving her new home in Soller. At last year’s Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival she told me she was house hunting and during the festival actually bought her new home on the island.

Sadie is no stranger to Mallorca. She first came here in 1999 to film Presence of Mind with Lauren Bacall and Harvey Keitel.

“We spent two months living on the island and I fell in love with the place and have been coming back and forth regularly. I have so many friends who either live or have holidays homes on the island, so it’s great to be back with this wonderful film,” she said.

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“Being back has also given me the chance to go house hunting, I’m definitely going to buy a second home here,” said Sadie, who had also just also made her feature film directorial debut - Quant, about the life of the Sixties fashion icon Mary Quant.

That had just hit the screens of over 200 cinemas across the UK to five-star reviews from nearly all of the critics.

Interestingly, Sadie neither likes watching work she has starred in nor horror films. This is strange, considering that one of her many roles to date was in Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

This week however, she took to Instagram to share her love for Soller.