Georgina Rodriguez with the family in Mallorca this summer. | Instagram


While Ronaldo might be struggling to find a new club and country, his wife certainly has her ideas clear about where she likes to spend her time and much of that is in Mallorca where Georgina Rodriguez and the family spent most of the summer and it was not the first time they have been to the island on holiday.

Ronaldo is one of the best-paid footballers in the world, bringing home £26.8million a year in wages alone. So it’s little wonder Georgina lives the high life.

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The 28-year-old model is given a comfy £80,000 allowance a month from Ronaldo to fund her lifestyle, which includes using their private jet to travel wherever she likes.

She said previously: “The jet makes travel easier. If I had to be in an airport for two hours with Cristiano, I’d go insane.”

Taking full advantage of the plane, Georgina, mum to two of Ronaldo’s five children, has spent 2022 soaking up the sun in Dubai, before spending the summer with Ronaldo aboard his £5.5million yacht in Mallorca and Ibiza.