Sandro Putignano with a bottle of Tito's Vodka. | Julian Aguirre


Morgan Freeman, who said after the first of two visits to the Sandro de Palma restaurant last week that he had had the best Bolognese in his life, was unable to enjoy his favourite post-prandial drink - Tito's Vodka on the rocks. That's because the restaurant didn't have any.

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The proprietor, Sandro Putignano, therefore searched for some. He now has two bottles of a vodka that was highlighted by the actor when he wore a Tito's t-shirt to the restaurant. The vodka comes from Austin, Texas.

Freeman is in Mallorca for the filming of scenes for the series Lioness. It is understood that he only has a few more days on the island, time enough, Sandro hopes, for a third visit - and now with his favourite drink.