Amber Heard enjoyed exploring Mallorca last year. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Amber Heard has swapped her Hollywood and Palma homes for Madrid and has said that she loves Spain.

The Aquaman star, who has been embroiled in a media trial with Johnny Depp, has left the US to settle in the capital with her daughter Oonagh.

She speaks fluent Spanish, and helped by the substantial income from the various productions she has starred in, some of which have yet to be released, she can afford anonymity.
Heard seems happy in her first public comments since her move to Spain.

Heard gave reporters a brief update about life in Madrid, where she relocated to earlier this year following the high-profile legal battle and after having spent the tail end of last year in Mallorca.
In a TikTok video which began circulating Wednesday, Heard spoke in Spanish as she told journalists, “I love Spain so much.”

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When asked if the move was permanent, the “Aquaman” actor said, “I hope so. I love living here.”
Heard also dismissed rumors that she’s retiring from film during the chat. When one reporter asked if she had any projects in the works, she said, “Of course. I move on, that’s life.”

Sources close to Heard were able to offer some insight into her new life back in April, when they told People, “She has been living in Spain, where she gets more privacy.”

“The trial was beyond stressful for her and she just wanted to start fresh out of the country,” they explained. “She is excited about working and filming again.”

The insider said Heard was still being affected by last year’s legal ordeal, adding, “She was exhausted and disappointed about the trial. She felt she was mistreated.”

The source said the actor is ready to move forward however.
“This is all behind her now, though. She has new energy and is focused on things that she loves.”