The photograph which he posted on Instagram. Photo credit: Instagram.


He may have helped design and launch Facebook but it appears that Mark Zuckerberg, who is on the island at the moment, prefers Instagram! On Sunday he posted a family photo aboard his yacht Launchpad, moored off Andratx, on Instagram but nothing on Facebook.

The millions of Facebook users across the globe are expected to give him the thumbs down! Also, he has an estimated 119,198,466 followers and friends on Facebook. But nothing. If you want to know what the Facebook co-founder was doing in Mallorca over the weekend you have to look at Instagram! (Which is also his!)

Happy Father's Day to the man who started and continues to inspire our whole family. We're also celebrating his 70th birthday and it was really something to hear the grandkids (at least the ones old enough) take turns telling papa all the ways he is meaningful in their lives last night at dinner. Here's to many more. 🥂," he said on a post on Instagram. However, no mention on Facebook!

By the look of photographs, the Zuckerberg family had a wonderful time in Mallorca over the weekend with many of the superyacht´s toys being deployed from giant slides to padel boards.

It is unclear how long Mark Zuckerberg will remain on the island having arrived by private jet on Friday night.