In 2008, the last time the Balearics was run by a Socialist-led left-wing coalition, central government pumped 300 million euros of public funding into the region. Next year, if we are lucky, we are down to receive just 159 million euros.

Yes, I know that the Balearic government is a Socialist-led left-wing coalition again and, unlike in 2008, the Socialists are no longer in power in Madrid, the opposition Partido Popular is.

But, that should be no reason for Madrid to “punish” the people of the Balearics, as politicians and unions complained yesterday.
Ironically, only the Canary Islands are getting a worse deal than the Balearics next year: odd, considering the two regions are the powerhouses of the country’s main industry - tourism.

Again this is further proof that the Bauza-led Balearic PP government of the past four years were a bunch of political wets and party pets who would not say boo to a goose, never mind to the PM Rajoy and the party whips.

They let public funding from Madrid just slide away, slip through their hands while doing nothing to stop the rot and defend the interests of the general public.

The new Balearic President, Francina Armengol, clearly cares about the welfare of the general public and is all set for a fight with Rajoy but, as I commented yesterday, he appears to be in hiding, although he is in Palma on Friday.