Crime in Magalluf is down by 87% this year, compared with the same period in 2014, according to the Magalluf Hotel Association. There have so far been three arrests  compared with 23 in 2014. Meanwhile, 50% fewer guests have been expelled from hotels for bad behaviour. In addition, there have been 50% fewer cases of balcony falls in Magalluf.

However, travel to the other side of Palma, to the predominantly German and Eastern European bolt hole of Playa de Palma, and it is a totally different story.

At the very beginning of the season, local residents and tourists clashed with illegal street traders and this week, local resident associations have been in meetings with the authorities complaining about the total lack of security in the resort. Residents claim they can no longer live in the resort because of the chaos that is going on night after night.

Last year, Europe’s most dangerous Hells Angels chapter was discovered to have been operating in the resort - the members were subsequently arrested in accordance with international arrest warrants and they were not on the wanted list for drinking in the street at night. No, it was for alleged drug trafficking, prostitution, arms dealing, people smuggling, armed robbery etc.

Now, the town hall has agreed to deploy more police to the resort, which comes under the jurisdiction of the National Police, and mount a fresh crackdown on anti-social behaviour.