It would be rather laughable if it wasn´t so serious. A top British air base, in the frontline against Islamic State, is suddely “visited” by scores of immigrants who have come ashore in an outdated boats. On Wednesday, 115 migrants in fishing boats came ashore at Akrotiri base on the southern coast of Cyprus - the first time in the migrant crisis that refugees have landed directly on British sovereign soil. There are serious security questions to be asked because RAF Akrotiri is home to Tornado jets and spy planes which fly armed missions over Iraq battling Islamic State. Didn´t anyone, because the base is home to 2,000 service-people, spot these fishing boats coming close to the shore? Now, where the migrants landed is quite a distance away from the actual air base but this is still not the point. It must be remembered that the Cyprus base should be the RAF station with the highest amount of security because of  the nature of its mission. It is one of the latest mishaps at the base. Recently, a bomb fell from an RAF Torando shortly after take-off and air crew on operations 24 hours a day complained that catering staff went home early and the only food on offer was a cheese sandwich! During the Second Gulf war Royal Navy patrol boats were stationed at Cyprus but were removed shortly afterwards on a cost ground. There are calls for the vessels to be returned. Prime Minister David Cameron has been forced to deny that the RAF base at Cyprus is now a migrant route!