It is not a question of a shortage of winter flights to the island from Britain, it is a question of price. You can fly to Majorca during the winter from most major British airports providing you are willing to catch and pay for a connecting flight. The key words are “budget flights.” In other words we want cheap flights to Majorca from most big British airports throughout the year. Which is fair, but sadly there is not the demand to support cheap fares and therefore the airlines have to increase costs which means that there is little demand for the small number of winter flights. Chicken and egg. I have spoken to the majority of airlines over the years about the issue of winter flights and unfortunately they all say the same thing: if there was more demand then they would have more flights. Simple. The expat community on the island is not big enough to drive more winter flights and the number of winter tourists is still small. So what is the solution? Well I have a suggestion. Using social media, form a sort of winter flight club in which people could state when they would like to fly to and from Majorca and to which airport. I am sure that if an airline noticed that 250 people wanted to fly to Majorca on such a date and return on such a date it would certainly make them sit up and take notice. There is not enough demand during the winter for daily services from British airports but there could be demand for a flight once a week. The flight club would certainly show demand.