As everyone expected, because we have seen it before with many of the same players involved, albeit in different positions, there would be some internal differences of opinion within the left-wing coalition Balearic government. However, this uncertainty and lack of unity within the tri-party government has spilled over and has now thrown all of the region’s key economic cogs into confusion. Some pundits say it is deliberate. For example, with the way the hoteliers have been ignored and overruled with regards to designing and introducing the tourist tax, many say -  and the hoteliers certainly agree -  that it was a move to deliberately wind them up and put them in their place. The government should remember that, in under four years time, they could be out of office. But the hotel sector, on which the region’s economy and jobs depend to a great deal, will be here for many generations to come, so at the end of the day, it is a waste of time and public funds taking them on - they will win in the end. But the government appears to have a hunger for conflict. Now it has angered the construction industry by deciding to tear up the development laws drawn up by the previous government and introduce new rules and regulations which, according to both the construction and hotel sectors, will not only lead to a reduction in investment and the creation of new jobs, but has created a new gray area in which nothing is clear.


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Tina / Hace over 5 years

Gentleman, you miss the point. Hotels in Mallorca are dated - 70"s. If a hotelier is going to spend "x" to sound insulate, re plumb, re- wire, trendy bathrooms, modern equipment, glass balconies, double glazed windows, they need to add rooms, to help towards the cost. This has successfully been done in a number of hotels in Sometimes near Arenal. They have gone two floors up, and put trendy infinity pools and bars on the roof also, they look fantastic now, from there sad 70's look. The project in Magalluf has been blocked, this was putting a car park underneath the hotel - sensible in my opinion (this hotel has been closed for 10 years due to the disease in the metal) and a shopping centre. I am not a lover of the Mallorcan Hotel chains as they are too controlling and are not diversifying what they are offering. However, with planning blocked, back to the dark ages ... and whilst the rest of the world moves forward Mallorca will remain with tiny bedrooms and dated facilities. It will be busy for 4 months a year but that is all, which is not enough to support the islands working population. So Sean and Mike, with all due respect you are very very wrong.


Sean Dobson / Hace over 5 years

Would you rather live on an island covered in concrete.?


Mike Richards / Hace over 5 years

No, this is good news. Or, would you rather, like the rest of the Spanish coastline, like to see the entire Mallorcan coastline resemble Benidorm?

Mallorca already far, far too many hotels that the size of the island warrants.