I am no flag-waving Briton. In fact I’ve spent over half of my living outside of the UK, from Canada to Australia, Africa and all over Europe and nowhere was I considered weird, not even in Nigeria.

But here in Spain, where I have a Spanish family, I cannot get my head around the problem the Spanish have with the British. Today, one of the country’s most highly regarded and influential right-wing newspapers, El Mundo, ran a story headlined "Why are the British so weird?" A bit of a generalisation.

Granted, they consulted a British anthropologist for the answers, but who came up with the idea for the article? And according to their findings, only 15% per cent of Britons consider themselves European while 64% consider themselves "British".

Every country has its different traits, dialects, customs, etc.

However, over breakfast this morning, grabbing a note pad and, while the rain pours down, list all the reasons why the Spanish or Majorcans are so weird.

What does Spain want from us?