I do find it rather amazing that no group has been set up in Spain to fight for our rights if Britain leaves the European Union. As we all know the British government is not really interested in expat Brits and the word from the Spanish government is that we are in big trouble if Britain votes to leave the EU. So who is going to defend us if all of a sudden we become former citizens of the European Union? Well the answer is: well I don't really know.

A British exit will mean that we would lose some of the privileges that we enjoy at the moment, like the vote in local elections and in some cases even medical care.

There are an estimated 500,000 Britons living in Spain, 800,000 according to some sources. We could wake up later this month to find that we are "former citizens of the European Union". I don't know what that means or what will happen, but we should be concerned. Our existence in Spain at the moment is built on being part of the European Union. So what happens if Britain leaves?