I do find it rather amazing that no group has been set up in Spain to fight for our rights if Britain leaves the European Union. As we all know the British government is not really interested in expat Brits and the word from the Spanish government is that we are in big trouble if Britain votes to leave the EU. So who is going to defend us if all of a sudden we become former citizens of the European Union? Well the answer is: well I don't really know.

A British exit will mean that we would lose some of the privileges that we enjoy at the moment, like the vote in local elections and in some cases even medical care.

There are an estimated 500,000 Britons living in Spain, 800,000 according to some sources. We could wake up later this month to find that we are "former citizens of the European Union". I don't know what that means or what will happen, but we should be concerned. Our existence in Spain at the moment is built on being part of the European Union. So what happens if Britain leaves?


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Sara / Hace over 5 years

Why would a group be set up to fight for 'our' rights before we even know whether Leave is going to win?! What exactly would it be fighting for at this point? And if Leave does win we are not going to automatically become former citizens of the EU or illegal immigrants overnight! This is all getting rather silly. The expression 'knickers in a twist' comes to mind (I don't mean to be rude!). Calm down all and remember your 'British phlegm'!


Steve Riches / Hace over 5 years

The reason that Shakespeare's plays are still relevant is that human nature has not changed a jot through the centuries. If one human being can get an advantage over another they invariably will do so, "morality" rarely gets a look-in. Those of you who feel the Spanish government will still be nice to Brits after an exit from the EU are living in cloud cuckoo land - without EU controls we shall end up losing many of the safeguards we currently enjoy. Extra taxation for property owners, and loss of protection on Inheritance Tax will happen, medical cover will change, the UK government will soon see that it can save millions of pounds by not continuing to pay pensions of Brits living in Spain, your EHIC card may become just a quaint relic etc. etc. - and all because there will be nothing to stop all this happening: just look at the way the Tourist Tax has been imposed - because it can. I'd like to think there is a part of human nature where people will subsume personal gain for the common good, but with no legislation to make it happen you may as well whistle into the wind.


Ron / Hace over 5 years

Steve - 32 new inspector jobs have just been created to deal with this very problem. Although at first they will mainly be looking at part time employees in bars and restaurants. This is the government's solution to tackling unemployment - as happens with all left wing fanatics. Of course it only means more control and will lead to even higher prices in a year when the tourist is being despised more and more. They will go elsewhere. Wait for the excitement beginning 1st. July !! (Sorry Jason - nothing to do with Brexit this one - I just felt in the mood!!)


Steve / Hace over 5 years

One of the upsides about the UK leaving would be that the local authorities would have the powers to clamp down hard on all the illegal British "workers" here. No bad thing for the local economy and employment.

That's what they want in the UK, and that's what we want here too.


Sean Dobson / Hace over 5 years

I can't wait for Tuesday night when ''waffling'' Cameron faces a live debate with Nigel Farage,it will be like throwing Christians to the Lions,Nigel Farage will wipe the floor with Cameron on live T.V. and expose all his lies and scaremongering as the tactics of a desperate man who will say anything to cling on to power. Nigel has years of experience in the EU and is a far better speaker and T.V. performer than wobbly Dave,bring it on.


Ron / Hace over 5 years

Rather than Brexit I am more concerned about the radical nationalists who control us here. For example Ibanat are getting rid of a fireman with 7 years experience simply because he can't pass the catalan test. Hopefully his hunger strike has brought this to people's attention. We live in a bilingual automony and knowledge of catalan is a bonus and not a requirement. Hopefully after the election sense may prevail and the PP can be returned to avoid Spain being the laughing stock of Europe. The socialist/nationalist/republican/comunists are pacting together to have a majority, but everbody knows they will never agree on anything. So - Brexit? Bring it on - things can't get much worse!!


Sean Dobson / Hace over 5 years

Day after day,you print the same old rubbish,get real,there are more Spanish and other EU citizens in the UK than there are British citizens in Spain,anybody that is working in Spain pays into the Spanish social security system and you know it and it needs that money badly,do you seriously believe that if we vote to leave,Spain will refuse to take payments from Brits and refuse to provide medical treatment.? Pensioners receive free medical treatment under reciprocal agreements,similar agreements exist with NON EU countries,do you seriously believe that these agreements will not continue.? Working Brits pump a lot of money into the Spanish economy,do you believe Spain will turn around and tell Brits they no longer want this money and can no longer work in Spain,get real,more Spaniards work in the UK than Brits work in Spain,things work both ways,you know.


Palmadave / Hace over 5 years

'A British exit will mean that we would lose some of the privileges'

Jason, Please feel free to publish the 'FACTS' that allow you to make the above statement.