As Britain heads towards the European Union referendum I am no longer convinced that the "Stay Camp" will win the day. The fact that within weeks Britain could be leaving the European Union is a major concern because I am not convinced that the "Leave Camp" really know what they are doing or how Britain will survive outside the European trading bloc. But they have struck a chord with their rhetoric on immigration. The European Union leads to more immigration, they claim. Immigration is one of the chief concerns of the majority of the British people. Successive governments have failed to tackle the issue properly and this has led to a backlash. In fact, I would say that the European Union referendum has become a vote on immigration...and the Leave Camp are winning. Also, I have not heard a single speech from the "Stay Camp" which would persuade me of the merits of European Union membership if my mind wasn't already made up. I would say that the camp has been a mixture of scare tactics from both sides and rather unfounded claims. Prime Minister David Cameron took a gamble on the European Union referendum. I sincerely doubt that he will escape the fallout. Even if he wins the vote I suspect that he will face a leadership challenge from a man he knows very well: arch-rival Boris Johnson. So is the European Dream coming to an end for Britain. I hope not but watch this space.