A week ago the controversial tourist tax was introduced. I say controversial because initially it appeared that the whole tourist industry would come to a stop and holidaymakers would abandon our shores and go elsewhere. This has certainly not been the case. In fact, as far as I know, there have been few complaints. To some extent the local ministry for tourism was right and the rest of us were wrong. I did think there would have been a backlash and perhaps it is still early days but the initial response has been good.

The ministry for tourism had said on numerous occasions that other tourist resorts across the globe had introduced similar taxes with few problems. I suspect that the introduction of the surcharge will lead to the opening of the tourist tax floodgate and other destinations across Spain will follow the lead of the Balearics and Catalonia.

These were difficult times for the ministry. If there had been a backlash against the tax it would have led to major problems for the Balearic government. It must be remembered that a previous Balearic administration, more than a decade ago, introduced a tourist tax and then withdrew it because of widespread opposition. So why have times changed so much? Because on this occasion there has been little opposition from local hoteliers. They have underlined their opposition but did not go on the war path. Changing times in Balearic tourism.