The new minister for the British exit from the European Union, David Davis, should perhaps measure his words. Over the weekend he remarked that the status of new arrivals from the EU in Britain could be unclear and he hinted that some could even be sent home. Thanks, Mr. Davis. He must remember there are hundreds of thousands of British immigrants living and working across the EU and I suppose some of them, especially the so-called new arrivals, could expect the same treatment. I would advise the new team of British ministers not to get too carried away and remember that they are also responsible for British citizens living abroad.

Immigration was obviously one of the key issues in the recent referendum. The fact that many in Britain want to close British borders is all very well and headline catching but remember that it works both ways. I am sure that the majority of British citizens living in Spain at the moment will continue to enjoy the same rights as they do now when Britain finally leaves. But there is a question mark over the new arrivals. If Britain starts to get tough with Spanish citizens, then you can expect the Spanish to get tough with British citizens. After all it is only fair.

Britain's exit from the EU is going to be difficult to say the least, but I would gently remind the British government that there are about 800,000 British citizens living in Spain.