While the public prosecutors and the fraud squad continue with the investigation into alleged corruption surrounding the construction of Son Espases Hospital, one would not have a clue that the university hospital is under the spotlight once inside. Over the past month I have again been spending more time than usual at the hospital and I can in no way fault the medical attention and treatment provided.

Granted, the staff may be angry over the fact they still have to pay to park and would no doubt like to see some kind of parity between their wages and those paid by the National Health Service in the UK: when compared to the Spanish, or at least the Balearic public health system, they are shameful. But the staff don’t let any of that affect the standards and quality of medical attention provided.

Moreover, a new generation of nurses and doctors is coming through who all speak English. Not all are fluent, but why should they be, if their mothers tongue here are Castilian and Catalan? However, they all consider it important to learn English in order to open the door to better paid positions overseas.

On the one hand I applaud them for wanting to better themselves, but on the other I think it is such a shame that the future generation of doctors and nurses cannot wait to leave the Balearics for a better paid life.

What a sad loss to the community.