Over the past few months the British media, including the red tops, have featured a host of travel reports about Palma as a city-break destination.

But the articles have not focused on the more traditional attractions such as the Cathedral and other monuments. No, it is all about the food and drink. Leading this revolution is British Michelin Star chef Marc Fosh who has just opened his Fosh Lab and Fosh Kitchen. They have caught the attention of foodies across the globe, not to mention the media.

Having worked in San Sebastian for many years, Marc knows just how big an attraction food can be and he is the driving force behind Palma making its mark. There is also Ginbo, one of the best ten bars in Spain. It pulls in the locals from the weekly articles bar manager Charles writes in the Bulletin (I have that from good sources) and has also been singled out by the British media. So let’s keep pushing because it is working.