Surely there is a time when political parties have to think of the national interest rather than the interests of their own party. A classic example is what is happening in Spain at the moment. There is a stalemate which could lead to a third general election in the space of twelve months. It is a nightmare scenario. The last two elections have both been won by the Partido Popular of Mariano Rajoy. But the party failed to secure a majority. The centre-right PP needs the support of other parties to be able to form a government.

The opposition socialist party of Pedro Sanchez, which came a distant second in both elections, is refusing to back Rajoy and therefore making it exceptionally difficult for him to form a government. The best solution for Spain is a broad coalition between the PP and PSOE, the socialists. This would mean stable government and effectively break the political stalemate. Sanchez is standing firm and saying that there will be no deal with Rajoy. But surely in the interests of Spain and stable government, he should reconsider his stance.

I am sure that the two parties can agree on some key issues. The Liberal Democrats managed to find common ground with the Conservatives which led to the coalition government in Britain. This ended the political stalemate. Perhaps the Spanish parties could take note and take similar action. The stalemate is hitting Spain's international image.