We've all gone graffiti mad this summer, thanks to a few so-called artists who decided that it was preferable to have immigrants than tourists or that tourists should quite simply go home. The slogans captured the attention of the world’s media and did little to enhance Palma’s image.

This week a few so-called artists were caught by the police. But will it stem the flow of art sweeping the city’s walls and buildings?

I don’t think so. Last weekend the Bulletin featured two articles about the graffiti. In one of them it was suggested that if the police could catch just one of the so-called artists, they should make an example by making him or her clean off what took a few minutes to spray on a wall.

It was also suggested that perhaps the shops should be encouraged to make the most of their shop fronts when they are closed and decorate them to advertise what they sell.

It's a no-brainer. You draw down the portcullis at lunch and at night and advertise your trade.

Perhaps Palma City Council could run a competition for the best portcullis design to encourage shopkeepers to make the most of their businesses and also enhance the appearance of the city centre. The artwork could become an attraction as opposed to an eyesore.