Majorca has this week been hosting, for the first time ever, one of the largest international golf trade fairs in the world, and by all accounts it has been a huge success with a record number of participants in the exhibition’s history.

But the Balearic government appears to have ignored this hugely important global event. Yes, it pumped 600,000 euros into helping stage the fair but apart from a low-key visit by Pilar Carbonell, the director-general for tourism, which went totally unnoticed and publicised, no government heavyweight, i.e. the Balearic president, or even better vice-president, who also happens to be the minister for tourism, could be bothered to put in a show.

And to be honest, the Balearic stand or area was very poorly designed compared to the rest of the world and was somewhat hidden away at the back of one of the small exhibition halls. On Monday, I could not find the Balearic stand! I was expecting, as the host destination, that every effort would have been made to guide visitors to the Balearic area, especially in view of the extensive, new, exotic and exciting competition present from all over the world.

The government adopted pretty much the same attitude to the World Travel Market, a case of just going through the motions. Well don’t bother, save the money for when for when the Balearics has to start properly competing for visitors again.