The Soller train has been forced to withdraw a discount for residents following a complaint from a German tourist who said that it was discriminatory. It is an interesting point. Should residents, who pay their taxes here and are likely to use the service more, get special treatment? Well, to be perfectly honest, I would say no. In other words we should all be equal. But there are discounts which could also be judged to be discriminatory across the island. Residents of the island get discounted air and sea travel across the islands and to the mainland, but you have to show you live on the island. Can you imagine if this discount was given to all, tourists included? It would mean that demand would rise sharply but of course the Spanish government would be unable to subsidise everyone. So it is an interesting point.

Now, I thought that under European Union law, citizens from member countries were meant to be equal across all EU states. But as we know this is not the case. I would say that if you are a citizen from any EU country you should get the same treatment as local residents, otherwise it is completely pointless talking about a European Union of equals. I would also urge the EU to try and outlaw any discount which could be found to be discriminatory. What you can't have is a two-tariff system for residents and non-residents. Everyone should pay the same because it is far simpler and causes fewer problems.


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Phil / Hace over 4 years

completely agree - if its a one off payment it should be the same, if its a multi pass/ season pass it should be discounted


minodora vila / Hace over 4 years

Come on, being a resident should allow certain privileges. Just as each country has its own system. Mallorca should accommodate its residents first, they live here year round. Thank you


Georgi / Hace over 4 years

I would respectively disagree. Members of different countries within the EU receive different salaries for the same kind of work. If we are to pay the same then why we don't get paid the same as well . Furthermore Mallorca is a tourist destination and many prices are set with tourist I mind who tend to have more disposable income. Why someone who makes his living on the island and quite possibly can't afford a vacation himself be subjected to the same prices tourists are paying.


Sargic / Hace over 4 years

I am amazed that you take this point of view. Each country within the EU has their own systems, like in the UK with Bus passes for the elderly etc , are you saying that all is to be equal , they should be taken away . Maybe you had one to many when you wrote this and maybe it’s because of silly issues that the majority of people in the UK decided to leave Europe. We have seen communism, where everybody is equal and we have seen that this does not work. They live here and if Spain wants to give them a discount, so be it, Europe and sad people like the German who brought the case BUTT OUT.


S. / Hace over 4 years

I completely agree your comment. NO DISCOUNTS AT ALL. Then there can be no complaints from anyone. When there are discounted options, you have conflict . All the Islands discounting schemes, should be stopped. Everyone should pay the standard prices.


V. / Hace over 4 years

So are you also proposing that discounts for residents and the elderly on Palma buses should be done away with? Everything cannot be equal for everyone, not even throughout Europe, that's a myth, otherwise all people in all countries would also be earning the same. Does the aforementioned German citizen earn the same as the average resident in Mallorca I wonder?