I wouldn’t call it a backlash but there are growing calls for the so-called "booze tourism" to end. Enough is enough after a weekend of holidaymakers behaving badly was the general opinon. Yesterday, I was a guest on Radio Ultima Hora and one of my fellow guests on the radio debate show said that it was a problem of education and tourists should be told to behave.

But it is a problem which is made-in-Majorca. The local authorities could resolve the problem with the stroke of a pen: bad behaviour will be heavily penalised, bars and shops will be banned from selling anyone alcohol who is clearly under the influence and alcohol will only be sold to people over the age of 18 and who can provide the necessary documentation. And all these laws will be enforced by an enlarged police force. This will effectively end booze tourism and I suspect that bad behaviour incidents will fall dramatically. You could also ban the sale of alcohol on flights.

But the local authorities will be accused of taking the fun out of the resorts and I suspect some young tourists will simply go elsewhere. But if the local authorities are serious then they could easily adopt some of the laws which I mentioned above. I do not blame the tourists, because in most cases they are under 18 and it is the first time that they have been abroad without their parents. In the resorts they find cheapily priced alcohol, so let the party begin. The problem can be solved but does anyone want to solve it?