British tourists behaving badly is a headline which appears often in the local media but for once people on the island are starting to ask why they misbehave and what can be done. Local officials have often said that British tourists should be schooled on how to behave when they are abroad. Yesterday, I was a guest on Radio Ultima Hora and one of the topics which we discussed was the issue of British tourists and their behaviour, especially in Magalluf. Luckily, a colleague who works in Minorca was also a guest on the programme. Now, sometimes you would have thought that Brits misbehave everywhere they go on holiday. I asked my colleague from Minorca how many Brits go on holiday to the island...he replied about a million and then I asked how many incidents there were and his answer; well virtually none. So what is the difference between Minorca and Magalluf? There is no such “booze tourism”.

And really, if Majorca wants to see an end to Brits Behaving Badly it can do so. Just enforce the law and end the excessive drinking. But Majorca has to decide whether it wants this type of tourism. If it is allowed to continue unabated then it obviously does. And these days it is not only the Brits. There is concern about the behaviour of tourists at many island resorts. “The booze tourism” appears to be growing. Majorca should be concerned but the problem and the solution all exist in Majorca, nowhere else.