British industry has recently completed the largest ever Royal Navy warship, the new aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth. This is quite a milestone for British shipbuilding because many thought that the days when Britain could build ships was over. The new aircraft carrier, which set sail from Rosyth, this week, was built in blocks across British shipyards and then assembled at Rosyth. But there is a danger that it could all be for nothing once the Queen Elizabeth´s sister-ship Prince of Wales is completed as there are no new ships of this size in the pipeline and therefore all the skills which have been learnt or in some cases relearnt could disappear. Thousands of people have been involved in the construction of the new carriers and it would be a good idea if British shipbuilding could build on the success of this project. If Britain can build a 70,000 ton aircraft carrier then it should be able to build cruise ships which fly the British flag but are built abroad atthe moment. If Britain could relaunch its shipbuilding industry it would be a major boost for the British manufacturing industry. But obviously investment is needed. The British Ministry of Defence and other British shipping companies also must be reminded to buy British. A fleet of new vessels for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary are being built in South Korea. Further orders for more vessels are in the pipeline. If Britain can build ships again it may make Brexit slightly less painless and easier.