Tour operators, airlines and airports should be taking more responsibility and helping to encourage responsible tourism. I can only applaud the local government and the ministry for tourism for the campaign and efforts to encourage and promote responsible tourism, but I fear they are fighting a losing battle because nobody else appears to be helping.

For example, on Friday a tourist landed at Palma airport and leapt into a taxi wearing the famous bright green Borat swimsuit. Now, I doubt he changed in arrivals. He must have flown all the way to Palma dressed like that and for sure had enjoyed a few shandies prior to boarding and en route to keep up his Dutch courage because he still had to face the receptionists when he checked into his hotel, unless he went straight to the nearest bar and left that task to his travel companions.

So, with numerous people arriving at Palma airport already the worse for wear and intent on getting even worse, what are the local authorities supposed to do as part of their drive to encourage responsible tourism? It’s basically an impossible job if people are intent on coming to Majorca to trash themselves and wherever they are staying.

This is where I am sure the tour operators, airlines and airports can help. If people can't smoke in an airport or on an aircraft, why are they allowed to drink all the alcohol they want at any time of day? Do people really need to have a pint or two for breakfast just because they are going on holiday and then a few more on the flight to get into the spirit of things?

Yes, there have been a few cases of airlines taking action against passengers behaving badly but for the most part, a blind eye is turned. Imagine being a hotel receptionist confronted by a drunken youth in a bright green swimsuit which leaves little to the imagination. They should be given the rights to simply refuse him entry.