Trying to stop drinking and flying in the UK is a non-starter to be honest. If it is on sale, Britons will drink it, and lots of it because a drinking culture has gripped the country more so than ever. I have to admit that after a day of working with real news, I do enjoy watching the odd soap on TV, switch off with some fake news along with tens of millions in the UK, and here no doubt, the only benefit is that expats can watch Corrie in the sun.

But one thing I have noticed lately is that, apart from every soap being desperately depressing, nothing good appears to happen. All the action is either carried out in the pub, on the way to the pub or, if the pub is off the agenda, then it’s back to his or hers for gallons of wine which only leads to more tantrums and tears. I know TV channels made a concerted effort to reduce smoking on TV screens, but they’ve now flooded them with booze. Not the best example.