I have always been one for getting to airports in good time; one never knows what could happen But three hours before, give me a break. For most of the people flying in and out of Palma this summer that is longer than the length of their flight. I know that the British love nothing better than an orderly queue and a natter, but how much can one take? Lengthy waits to check in, then another to go through security, followed by passport control and then a good time spent lurking near the boarding gate, where there are never enough seats for the number of people on the plane.

These new security rules and regulations were introduced by the European Union back in April. How much time did governments and airport authorities need to get ready for the manic summer season? And now, nobody is accepting responsibility for this summer holiday nightmare. Airport authority Aena says the lack of police is not its remit. It’s up to the interior ministry, which has said next to nothing apart from, once the fan was well and truly hit, a few more police cadets have been posted on duty at the airport.

A few more automatic passport scanners have been installed, but again once the horse had bolted and the chaos had made headline news across Europe.

Living in Majorca, unless it is for a very special reason, why bother with all the hassle during the summer, it’s all here?