Exactly what do Arran want to achieve? It is tourism which dragged Spain out of the recession and is the driving force behind its rapidly growing economy. Tourism has also helped to ease the unemployment problem which was the second worst in Europe not so long ago.

It may all seem like summer fun and games for the young radicals which make up Arran and their various satellite groups of sympathisers, but they have already inflicted a lot of damage on the country’s image. Headlines overseas about tourists being "attacked" do not help, and the anti-tourism movement is continuing to be commented on and analysed by the foreign media. A public relations victory for Arran, but a nightmare for Spain’s tourist industry.

What I would like to know is what Arran honestly intend to achieve. Most of the members are young people who, at some point, will have to think about getting a job and doing a proper day’s work. Perhaps some of them are already employed but simply bored. Who knows?

But one thing is for sure their campaign will only hurt the tourist industry, the economy and gradually reduce their chances of eventually finding a job and enjoying a normal life, once they have grown up that is of course. And having a post-modern left-wing coalition government doesn't help. We need a stern hand from government.