Here is another example of why broad coalition governments, especially those involving extremists - whichever way they choose to bat - struggle to work and agree on anything concrete. The tourist tax has been reintroduced and may even be doubled next year. It was to help protect Majorca from the pressure of mass tourism and fund environmental projects and improve the region’s infrastructure. Or this is what we were led to understand when it was brought back into force.

So, why is there a need for a rural defence group? Talks began last week involving a wide section of rural bodies - hunting associations, businesses and certain parts of the agricultural industry - which intend to challenge the government over certain policies which they claim will curtail their operations.

For instance, why ban horse trekking and riding from the dunes near Arta? Horse riding is an eco-friendly pastime which is also a great tourist attraction especially during the winter. It also involves quite a lot of money, not only when it comes to caring for the horses but also the rates charged for a ride through one of the most beautiful parts of the island. Surely this is the kind of initiative which tourist tax money should be being used to help.

Ok, cockfighting and bullfighting are different issues, but looking at the general picture, tourist tax money is supposed to be being used to protect rural Majorca. Isn’t it?