It is quite amazing how in the space of six months Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has gone from "political no-hoper" to being tipped as the next prime minister. His success could be as a result of Theresa May’s poor performance, but Corbyn must also take some credit for his newly found popularity. Labour is right when it calls for a "soft Brexit" rather than the hard Brexit being urged by so many in the Conservative Party which will only lead to a nightmare scenario for British business and yet more uncertainty. Britain is not leaving a golf club it is leaving the European Union, a body whose membership it has enjoyed for more than four decades. Successive British prime ministers have said that the future of Britain is in Europe and therefore leaving in a short space of time is madness.

Staying in the single market, even in the short-term, is being advocated by the Labour Party as the only way forward because otherwise it will cost Britain heavily. Also, you get the impression that the government is lost and doesn’t know where to turn. The Brexit negotiations appear laughable because the British team appear to be lost for words and ideas. I would urge Theresa May to consider a slower pullout from Europe, so that there can be a smooth transition period which will not damage British business. There are so many unanswered questions. The government should consider the long game and wait and see, not just leave at any cost.