I was involved in a lively debate this week with my Spanish colleagues over the issue of renting out your home to tourists during the summer season. Of course, there were mixed views, with one complaining that the villa next door to his home in a once quiet residential area of Palma had become a source of anger with residents as a result of the antics of some the tenants. But the general view was that you should be able to do with your home what you like, and most agreed that everyone should be able to rent out their homes as long as it was legal; in other words that taxes were being paid and the home met the various levels of quality.

So why do successive regional governments continue to try and outlaw holiday home rentals? It would be much easier if the system was made simple and homeowners could just get a licence from the ministry of tourism and a certificate from the Tax Office. Simple. Obviously the local hoteliers are not going to be impressed but at the end of the day many holidaymakers prefer to stay in an apartment or house than an actual hotel. Also, the hoteliers are in no position to complain really; they are making big money at the moment. Can you imagine how it would benefit the local real estate market if owners were allowed to rent out their homes?

It must be remembered that holiday homes provide much revenue for the local economy. It is such a pity that the government wants to make life difficult for homeowners.