The British government has been praised for its decisive action over the attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury, but so far it has shied away from the big decision and it is not going to be a popular move. Should England compete in the World Cup in Russia this summer? Well, obviously not. With tensions between the two countries at Cold War levels it would be madness to allow England to play in Russia. Not only will the team be put at risk so will the thousands of England fans who are planning to travel to Moscow. The travel advice from the Foreign Office for those heading to Russia is clear: do not draw attention to the fact that you are British and do not get involved in any political arguments. You can't exactly keep a low profile and try and hide your nationality when you are wearing a replica England football shirt.

So, this is the big decision for Theresa May and her cabinet. But of course thousands of England fans have probably already booked their tickets and millions of others are looking forward to seeing England in action in the World Cup back home. The decision can't be delayed, action needs to be taken now. But I suspect that it will be a decision too far for the British government. Now that both Britain and Russia have expelled diplomats, what is the next move for May? If Britain wants to continue to raise the tensions with Moscow it makes England's participation in the World Cup even more dangerous. The Russian public have been convinced that their motherland had nothing to do with the attack in Salisbury and the whole episode has been "fabricated" by the British government. In other words the British aren't exactly popular in Russia at the moment. May needs to act and cancel England's participation in the World Cup.


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george / Hace over 3 years

You all make light of this. But the fact is:-

Putin took over Ukraine, Cyber attack in Estonia. Continually flying into UK aerospace.

Another controlling man began in this way 80 years ago. We learnt too late then and persons were supporting him continually. Learn from history.

Theresa May has been decisive. There is MUCH we are not told as it would probably scare us far too much.

Chemical warfare is a changing of the world landscape.


Ged / Hace over 3 years

Oh ye little englanders. This isn't even a front page stiry in any European country. Nonone cares. If we pull out the world cup, no one will miss our thug fans or our wretched overpaid pathetic players. We will be coming home after : games anywsy. If we pull out, everybody wins.


TGNT / Hace over 3 years

Prime Minister, Teresa May has shown strength and leadership in standing up to Russian terrorism and crimes against all human decency. The Bridge public, including football supporters are capable of making their own decision as to attend the World Cup.


keith / Hace over 3 years

And i suppose Spain and the rest of Europe will show solidarity with England and boycott the world cup to ?


MelB / Hace over 3 years

Dear Mr Moore, please move back to the UK, then we might have you giving us news of what is going on in Mallorca!!!


S. / Hace over 3 years

In yesterdays SUN , Jeremy Clarkson suggested holding the World Cup in the UK. As there are several Countries supporting Britain's actions to date. Perhaps they would support holding the World Cup in UK.. Of course FIFA would have reservations etc. But to say avoid being an England Supportr. When they attend an England match, how do they disguise their obvious support ?. There are some frightening Hooligan Gangs waiting for The English in Russia. They have trained by fighting each others gangs. DO NOT GO TO RUSSIA.