The royal wedding on Saturday cost around 30 million pounds but it has been calculated that it will benefit the British economy to the tune of about one billion pounds. Good business I would say. In Spain the royal wedding has generated ever more interest in Britain. The British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, held a reception at his home in the centre of Madrid for the royal wedding. It was a double celebration because the ambassador invited representatives of many of the British charities and organisations which do such good work up and down Spain and presented them with a diploma of thanks. There was a party atmosphere and many Spanish media outlets were present and, in some cases, broadcasting the event live. It was great publicity for Britain and showed the country in a great light.

The Spanish media have made much of Brexit and how Britain was allegedly turning its back on Europe but the wedding was a golden opportunity to show Britain as a modern European country which is looking forward not backwards. I suspect that the royal wedding will also help the so-called feelgood factor in Britain and the economy will also benefit. There will be some (the usual crowd) who will question why taxpayers' money has been spent on such a lavish occasion when the British royal family has incredible wealth. The figures speak for themselves ... one billion pounds and still counting. A good day for Great Britain PLC.