The new Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez keeps ruling out early elections, but really the matter is not in his hands. Sanchez leads a minority government and he could be defeated at the drop of a hat. I suspect that the chances of him still being prime minister at Christmas are slim to say the least. He prefers to govern with a minority government than pacting with other parties to form a coalition. This leaves him in a very weak position.

Sanchez is an "accidental prime minister". His Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) has been in decline for many years and he has just 84 MPs. To remain in power he is going to have to make a series of pacts with smaller nationalist parties who will obviously want something in return. It is a dangerous business. Every time there is an important vote Sanchez and his team will be doing their numbers. The centre-right Partido Popular is the biggest party in parliament. Sanchez last month ousted them from office so they are not going to make his life easy. In fact, they have said so; getting ready for a rough time.

Sanchez doesn't want to call early elections because he know that he will not win. The new pro-business party, Ciudadanos, appear to be in the driving seat and while they may not win the elections they will certainly decide who will be in power if there is no overall majority. These are difficult times for Spain. The Catalonian issue has still not been resolved and there are many problems on the horizon.


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MelB / Hace over 3 years

Same editorial for 4 Days! Nice to see you earning your salary.


TIm / Hace over 3 years

Can’t be a worse mess than the EU is in, with economic growth forecast being slashed, Italy wanting out of the euro, Germany loosing its grip on power, France wanting further integration. No Spain looks positively stable in comparison.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 3 years

This doesn’t mean to say that the new leader of the PP party, who will most probably be a woman, won’t be able to convince enough MP’s to join her and the C’s party to hold a vote of no confidence against Sanchez if he makes a mess of things, which he will be very careful not to do, making sure that all his policies are “progressive” and socialist enough to keep the left wing parties and especially the independence seeking parties happy, even if they do turn out to be ineffective.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 3 years

Jason, I’m afraid I don’t see it that way at all. Sanchez had no intention of holding an election before June 2020 when he won the vote of no confidence, and he has since confirmed that this will be the case.

He can lose as many parliamentary policy votes as he likes, that is if he is stupid enough to hold them when he knows he will lose, but the only thing that can or will remove him from power is another vote of no confidence, something that I doubt the rest of the left wing and independent parties will agree to.

We’ve got Sanchez for another two years yet, even if he wasn’t elected by Spanish public.