Much has been said over recent months about too many cars on the road. Some of the main roads are basically gridlocked at key times which is a nightmare. I suggest that the local authorities urge more motorists to leave their vehicles at home and make use of the excellent public transport network, both buses and trains. I think you can safely say that you can reach any point of the island by train or bus and it is a good and inexpensive service. I get the impression that the majority of people who use the public transport network are tourists. If only local residents followed their lead there would be far fewer vehicles on the road and it would ease congestion. The Balearic government should be congratulated for this excellent transport system but at the same time they are losing the battle to keep motorists away from the roads. The railway network is first rate and I am sure that a large number of people who travel to Palma by car from such places as Inca could easily take the train if they had the necessary encouragement. If the number of vehicles on the road continues to grow at its present rate then the Balearic government will have little option but to build more roads which would naturally have a big environmental impact. The future in the Balearics is public transport. Building up this big public transport network across the islands has not come cheap it is just a pity that more people don´t use it. The government needs to rethink its public transport plan.