The local authorities are always underlining the fact that the three main islands - Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza - are very different. And yes this is certainly the case. So why isn't this state of affairs taken into account and package holidays with visits to all three islands organised? These days there are excellent air and sea links between the islands,so why can't this be put to good use? Imagine a holiday which involved four days on Majorca and then two on Ibiza and Minorca? I am sure there would be some takers and it would help bring the islands closer together and also spread the tourist cash.

Tourism is changing and people want a more varied holiday and also they are not afraid to travel either. The Balearics have been trying to attract visitors from further afield for many years; from the US to China it has always been a local ministry for tourism dream. These three-islands-in-one holiday packages could help to sell the Balearics further afield: the great natural beauty of Majorca, the quietness of Minorca and of course Ibiza the party island. Something for everyone.

As I have said on many occasions in this space, sometimes all that is needed when it comes to the tourist industry is a bit of imagination and forward planning. The Balearics still have plenty of potential which is still untapped. So perhaps the time has come for some radical thinking and promote the Balearics as a single holiday destination and not just a group of islands.