I would say that the courage shown by Prime Minister Theresa May has won her some support but you do wonder why the whole Brexit process has become such an almighty mess. The chances of the Prime Minister winning approval for her deal are slim to say the least and getting slimmer by the hour. It just makes you wonder whether Britain could have got a better deal from the European Union and some might say that May has failed miserably and should be considering her future. Her deal was never going to be liked by all but the fact that the legal advice regarding the Irish border was kept almost secret until parliament intervened could make you believe that the Prime Minister was attempting to “hide” some parts of the Brexit deal. This was always going to be a mistake and now May, not only has a bad deal, she has raised the suspicion of MPs who might have been prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt. I fear that Britain should now start preparing for a no-deal Brexit unless the Prime Minister can secure a better agreement from the European Union. The question has to be asked; was getting a deal from Brussels always going to be so difficult or is Britain to blame for its poor negotiation tactics? I would say that it is mixture of both. I have come to admire Theresa May over the last few months but you do wonder whether she is fit for purpose. Perhaps, Britain needs new ideas to break the deadlock and a new negotiating team.