I have always been a strong supporter of the British royal much so that when Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Majorca in the late 1980’s I got so excited and nervous I was unable to write my report for the Bulletin as a cub reporter.

My attitude to the British royals has changed over recent years: I am a big fan of Queen Elizabeth but I must admit that I have grown rather cool towards other members of the British royal family.

I believe that the royal family has become rather irrevelant in modern-day Britain and I do believe that the Queen should have intervened in the Brexit mess. Now, I know that legally and constitionally she can’t get involved but this is a national emergency.

Queen Elizabeth could have brought the various party leaders together and encouraged them to reach a Brexit deal. She still could. The so-called royal list also needs to be substantial reduced.

Prince Charles, as heir to the throne and Prince William as his eldest son, is probably enough. I never understood why Prince Harry left the British army. Perhaps he should consider returning.

As regards to the other senior members, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew, well perhaps they could be quietly moved from the royal list.

As I said at the start of this space, I still consider myself to be a royalist but times are changing and the Brexit debacle has clearly underlined that change is needed in the way Britain is governed. Is there a new role for the monarch?