While in some quarters there is jubilation after the local elections, the joy of politicians is not being shared by the business community in the resorts. In fact everyone is asking where the tourists are. We are approaching peak season and the island is unusually quiet. Everything from the bad weather to Brexit is being blamed, but I suspect that the answer lies with resorts in the eastern Mediterranean, namely in Turkey, and probably north Africa. The Germans and the British are watching their pennies and Turkey offers them just that.

I would say that Majorca is miles ahead of Turkey on all things, apart from price, and as we know Majorca is no longer a cheap holiday destination. So now the champagne corks have stopped popping, what should the new Balearic government do? Well, there needs to be an element of price control especially in the centre of Palma where bar and restaurant prices are now on a par with London and Berlin. Perhaps they might even reconsider the tourist tax; the levy was fine when the sun was shining but things are now distinctly cloudy.

To be honest this state of affairs was to have been expected. Majorca has enjoyed some record holiday seasons over recent years and it appears that the good times are now over. Majorca can't compete with Turkey on prices but it can with quality service and to some extent value for money. This summer is going to be a watershed and there are problems ahead.