The Palma Port Authority has changed course and has admitted that there are too many cruise ships visiting the port of Palma. They are looking at ways to reduce the impact of these ships on Palma and one of the proposals is to divert some to Alcudia, which has its own cruise terminal. This is good news but perhaps it is a question of too little too late. But if there had been greater planning from the start then this problem would never have occurred. The port authority should have ensured that a maximum of say three cruise ships could only visit Palma on any given day. This would have ensured that there was not a problem of overcrowding in Palma. At the moment there are five ships in port one day and only one the next.

I know that negotiating with the cruise ship companies is not easy and obviously they have their schedule and plans, but I am sure that the problem could have been resolved through greater planning. The port authority and the local authorities should have ensured that if cruise ships visit on a Sunday then shops and attractions are open. Sadly this has not been the case. Palma has a golden opportunity to become one of the key ports in the Mediterranean but better planning is needed by everybody involved. Diverting cruise ships to Alcudia is a good idea but it could lead to problems. Remember that many local businesses rely on cruise ships and their passengers in Palma. It is a question of finding a balance.