I think that like a lot of people I started the year fearing a big fall in the number of British tourists coming to the islands because of the drop in the value of sterling and fears over Brexit.

There were obviously similar concerns over British buyers and the Balearic property market. I remember having a coffee at the start of the year with a leading local estate agent who told me that the Brits were not buying. But over the last few weeks I have noticed a big change.

This same local estate agent told me that there had been a noticeable pick-up in the British market and one hotel director told me that the British market was going well, while it was the German market which was struggling. I was slightly amazed. I was even more surprised to read that Britain has once again overtaken the Germans as the number 1 market for the islands.

And all this despite Brexit, as the BBC would say! I have always been convinced that the British love affair with the Balearics was strong and the British were loyal Balearic customers. I suspected that this loyalty would be tested by Brexit, the weaker pound and increased competition from cheaper destinations in the eastern Mediterranean.

I am happy to say that I was wrong. Brexit and the other factors I mentioned above have been nicely overcome and the British market is heading in the right direction. It is going to take a lot more than a weaker currency and Brexit to stop the British coming to their favourite holiday destination.