Private Eye, the satirical magazine, published a blank page under the headline, Theresa May's list of achievements. It was a rather unkind attack on the outgoing Prime Mnister but at the same time I am unable to think of a single piece of legislation which May has introduced!

So I was rather amazed to see that the Conservative Party is still “the king of the opinion polls” with the Brexit Party in second place, the Liberal Democrats third and Labour, fourth, according to an opinion poll in one leading British newspaper.

These must be worrying times for the Labour Party, which despite an unpopular Conservative government which has failed to deliver on Brexit, as their popularity has hit an all time low. You do get the impression that the writing is on the wall for Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. He appears to be more unpopular than ever and allegations over the state of his health makes the problem even worse. Britain needs a strong opposition and perhaps Labour should ditch Corbyn in the same way as the Tories ejected Theresa May.

If both Conservative leadership candidates, Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson are to be believed, then Britain will be leaving the European Union in October which should mean the end of the Brexit Party. These are interesting time in British politics and both Hunt or Johnson are going to be match for Corbyn.

So unless Labour gets their act together then they will let the Tories off the hook at a time when they are at their weakest.