Dear Sir,

I had to laugh at your article this week about a tiny amount of graffiti in the national park.

Majorca appears to love graffiti, they certainly have no regular removal program of the graffiti that covers nearly every main road, utility building, train track, public and private building and most especially public parks where future generations can learn that "tags" are rarely removed and are therefore "acceptable".

The new MA30 is covered in many places, a wonderful new canvas to paint, the contractor clearly does not care and so in seems neither do the authorities and politicians of all political parties!

Indeed in many places there are so many "Tags" that are never removed that new graffiti is now being applied to pavements and steps because of no more room on walls.

In Palma nearly every shops shutters is covered, even entrances to the apartments above, as are increasingly historic buildings and monuments (except in the very centre)

What is clear is that there is little civil or public pride in the island, especially in Palma, Calvia and the Playa's where streets may be swept but ugly poorly done "tags" are ignored year after year. (note Tags, nothing that could remotely be called street art)

In many other countries they have removed all graffiti (on public and private property) then had a programme of constantly removing new graffiti until the habit reduces to just a few repeat offenders whose efforts are then quickly removed. After the initial cost (which would have to deal with years of neglect) it would very quickly became a minor extra cleaning cost.

The authorities need to set an example and then help private owners who after all also the victims.

What a change of impression it would make on arrival in Palma to met not just by all the wonderful sights, but for everywhere to be clear of intuitive and unpleasant "tags".

Maybe if the Bulletin and its sister paper had a campaign, it would shame those responsible to do something about it.

Thank you in advance for publishing this and I will continue to read my favourite newspaper with interest.

Robert Levene